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Looking for a German and a Brit in Paris!


Dear Brits und sehr geehrte Deutschen in Paris,

In June we are organizing an evening in Paris to play the "Europe game" with four teams: French, German, British and Dutch. These teams are invited to re-invente the European Union: imagine that we could do it all over again, what does the EU looks like, what ideas and values do we share, what are our differences? It is not just to discuss, but also to have some fun, wine and snacks will be taken care of.

This Europe game is an initiative of the local branch of D66, a Dutch political party, which is pro-Europe (bit comparable with the British LibDems and the left wing of the German FDP). Your political orientation is not important for us, but we are looking for participants who are constructive in debate and open minded.

For our teams we are lacking right now one German and one Brit. Please let me know if you are interested, than we can discuss further details.

Looking forward to your reactions,

Regards, Raymond

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