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Looking for accommodation July 1st onwards (Paris)


Arrondissements: 9 and around (2, 8, 10, 18, ...)
Budget: 650.- (or less ;) )
Duration: July 1st - December 31st
Basic furniture would be great (at the very least a bed)

Hello fellow expats!

On the first of July I will start an internship here in Paris and will leave the calm university town I am now living at to jump into the working life so to say.

I am a 24 years old man who has lived in a few European countries. I am open minded, easy going, not smoking, and clean. I tend to be rather quiet and as I will be working I don’t think I will be spending a lot of time at home. I am into photography, technology, and cooking. Concerning the photography, I am almost only shooting digital nowadays so you don’t have to worry about your bathroom being transformed into a darkroom or something!

The size of the accommodation is not super important, more important is the character of the place.

If you want any more information about me then just send me a PM and I’ll try to answer as quickly as possible.


Other general questions:
* Would it be a problem for you if I register with the municipality?
* What would the bail/security be?
* Anything special I should know about the place?
* Is there a vélib’ station nearby?

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