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Looking for an apartment for long term rent. (Paris)

Hi, I recently moved to Paris for work and looking for an apartment in the 15th arr. or north part of 16th arr.
Long term rental, either furnished or unfurnished is okay (my understanding is that unfurnished are slightly cheap), min 30 square meters, all inclusive at 1,000 euros per month. I came from Tokyo and the real state situation in Paris seems to be pretty similar except that not many apartments have a bath tub which I prefer if possible.
Also safe area or short walk from the station preferable.

The requirements might be too much but it doesnt mean that I cannot accept any other but is to provide ideas for what I am looking for.
I have to go back to Japan in beginning of August and come back in mid August so the ideal schedule would be to start renting from mid August.
But again I would have some flexibility.
I have checked selodger which my French colleague recommended and starting my visit and search from next week.

I cannot speak French (not yet!) as it has only been 2 weeks here but I have some support from the company if it comes to reading the contract and terms (if needed).

Please feel free to contact if there is an any possible offer.

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