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Move a pet? (Paris)

I apologize in advance for this long post, but I have been agonizing over a decision: Now that I'm certain I'll move to France, I need to decide what to do with my beloved pet. I would be interested to hear others' experiences with importing a dog into France.

How much distress did the flight cause? Is this something only a young dog could handle? My dog is 8 years old and healthy now, but I would most likely have to repeat the process to return after 3 years when he is age 11.

Was your pet able to adjust to the new surroundings once here? Would you make the same choice again, or do you think the dog would have been better off if you'd have placed him in a new home, without you?

How hard is it to find an apartment rental that will accept a pet in Paris or Paris suburbs? <<sigh>> My dog barks at noises and I'm afraid it will be a big a problem when moving from house to apartment, and from a quiet street to a busier location. I can usually quiet him down when I'm there but I don't know how to control that when I'm gone during the day.

Are pet-sitters common? Or only kennels? My lil' guy would not do well in a kennel. Although I hope by moving here the business trips will decrease significantly, which would actually be better for him.

The thought of being without my pup is so sad. It would be so terrible. But in the end I have to do what's best for him. And yet . .. there are dogs in Paris. Lots of dogs. People do it.

If you've imported your dog, how did it go?

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