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NO ONE STANDS ALONE - motto or reality? (Paris)


A story goes that, when we eventually reach the pearly gates of heaven, we'll be asked a question. Not : "how much did you earn?" or "how many languages could you speak?" or "how famous were you?"

No, just the one, pertinent question: WHAT GOOD DID YOU DO IN YOUR LIFETIME? Many of us may ... well... err... fumble to reply.

One of our InterNations members,Victoria, is in need of urgent help. For years I've seen her battling courageously through cancer, CFS and much more. Some of us helped her move out of the flat from which she was evicted a few months ago in Paris.

No one should have to endure this much. And certainly not alone. Please read this. Pia. Protected content

PS If you would like to launch an activity to help her, that would also be great.

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