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OFII language course sucks. Any respite possible? (Paris)

I moved to Paris on 25th April this year with an indefinite work contract and unbound dreams. I had a work permit visa with one year validity already when I entered France. Soon I visited OFII to register myself. They took language test. I failed it. So they asked me to join OFII language school where it is obligatory for me to finish Protected content . Saturdays 9 to 5 till January Protected content what I am supposed to do in order to secure visa renewal.
Coming to my question, the language course is utter waste of time. It is a French basic course and the medium of teaching is, well, French. Oxymoron got real. You sit with all the jobless refugees who can't read/write. Nothing against them. But OFII doesn't see the difference and makes you, forces you to waste your time for six months. Nothing productive comes out of the class. Nobody in the class is aware of what is going on. But they don't care about all that because well, they are getting paid by the govt. for nothing. And I keep wondering what am I getting for being a qualified expat. I get to work Monday to Friday where I have to meet my career goals and consequently have to work very hard. And then I go to this school on a saturday keeping aside all the errands. I started taking French classes online sponsored by my employer. I explained everything to OFII, showed them certificate from private French course, but very adamantly, they want me to attend THEIR school and at their chosen time. Else, face deportation a year later.
My question is has anyone out there faced this or been through this. What if I stop attending their school completely? My plan is to learn French privately and show up at the Prefecture next year speaking basic French. Would they be satisfied that I am speaking French or would they hold the grudge that I didn't follow their instructions? How real are the chances of deportation if I don't take the language classes seriously?
The situation is horribly stressful for me. FYI, I am from India, a telecom engineer, and have more than 12 years experience in the industry and have been deputed at many places in Europe before, never in France.

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