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Paris aspirations

Given the level of education and experience of Internations members there are probably quite a few of you who value the environment and ecology yet find it a challenge to live according to your values as an expat in Paris, or as a Parisian in Paris for that matter.

Is there anything specific that you find most frustrating?

Perhaps it is food, or transport, heating and energy or the attitudes of other people at work, in your family, in the governement or perhaps even in Environmental organisations.

On the other side is there anything that you'd like to see that would make a positive difference for you?

It's a small thing (I believe in the accumulation of small things) but I'd love to have community composting where I live - yes I am working towards it.

It saddens me when I send vegetable waste to landfill when it could be building soil. I can imagine getting to know more of my neighbours around the compost bin.

I do not live in a neighbourhood or building where my neighbours dress up to go shopping, but I love the image of the frou frous of the septieme tending to their wormbins with the same conscientiousness that they apply to the grooming of their poodles ;-)

How about you?

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