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Problems with finding an appartment (Paris)

Hello everyone,
I'm not sure if this should be posted in the Housing Forum but this is a question so I figured I'll throw it here.
I don't know if anybody has faced the same issue here but I would really love it if someone could help me out with it.
I work for a company based in the U.A.E. (Dubai to be specific) with no branches in France. My work contract is governed by Emirati law and I have no French version of the contract as this is not provided by my company. My problem here is that I have been rejected by literally every real estate agency for the reason that I have no French contract and no 'buletin de salaire' which is not a thing that is provided by U.A.E. companies (I never actually heard of such a thing till i moved here) despite my salary being more than 3 times the appartments I'm seeing and I have provided bank guarantees. I have also asked a friend of mine to be my guarantee since he's French and he works in a French company with a high enough salary but in vain.
I've been searching for places for almost a year now and I really need to find an appartment but I have received the same response (or no response at all) from every single agency i have checked with.
Does anybody know what can be done?

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