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Ruby developer needed for Paris


A great developer, collaborator, and inventor all rolled into one
• … Someone who prefers short-term, business-impacting projects to long, slow software releases
• … Someone who understands that Programming is an art form that sometimes fights back
• … A team worker who works hard and plays hard as well.
• … Someone who can create high-performance, reusable, and well-tested software
• ... Someone who is nearly as excited by cutting edge technologies as by double rainbows.
• ... Someone who is excited by the idea of working for a new Internet start-up in the heart of central Paris and making some serious money

Why should you join?

• … To forget what .boredom' means and make things happen – for real.
• … To see the direct impact of your work on the business every day – and get recognition & reward
for this.
• … To be part of a small, young, vibrant, international, motivated (and so much more!) team
• … To enjoy a great work environment: loft like offices in central Paris
• … To be part of the unique adventure of starting up a successful business

Job requirements:

• Previous startup experience and development in an Agile development environment
• Strong Understanding of Design Patterns and software architecture
• Experience with large scale deployments
• Strong focus on quality and testing
• Knows what 42 means and is familiar with the NoSQL movement
• A hungry mind that wants to push concepts to the limit
• The maturity to know when to work like crazy, and when to kick back
• World-class knowledge of any or all: Ruby (Rails), Python, Java, C++, C, Assembly (byte-code)

If you have the right to work in the EU, that's best for all concerned; but we are willing to sponsor workpermit applications and/or make special arrangements for outstanding applicants who are not EU citizens

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