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SAFETY WARNING for childcare workers/tutors (Paris)

If you live in France, and you are looking for a babysitting/tutoring/private teaching jobs, and you get offered a job from these email addresses:

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They will offer you fantastic income Protected content a month or even 450€ a week - a bit too awesome for a part-time babysitter!), even offer you accommodation. They will also say that they will send you a check for Protected content for accommodation etc, they ask for your address, phone number etc. Next they will ask for your bank account details.

They usually say they are from overseas and they need a private teacher for their children when they arrive in France.

Please don't fall for their scam. I got in contact with one and I regret sending them my address! Good thing is, I don't have a bank account yet!

They sound like they can't be trusted, their English is all over the place (even though they have a caucasian name, from England!), and they sound like a big ass scam.

There may be more of them, with different email addresses, but don't answer them when you get an offer that sounds like what I mentioned above!

Keep safe people!

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