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Seeking Exam Invigilators in Montreuil (Paris)


My name is Liane Golightly and I work with Universal Exam Solutions. More information about our company is available online at Protected content .

We provide test administration and accommodation solutions to test takers nationwide and for this purpose look for professionals who we contact on an "as-needed" basis to see if they are available to assist test takers for their approved accommodations. We provide complete training and assignment pays hourly for the entire scheduled time even if the exam ends early.

We do have an exam coming up where a test taker has been approved for a Reader. This is where a person sits with the test taker at a professional testing site and just reads the exam questions out loud to the test taker. The test taker marks their own answers on the computer and cannot receive any other assistance from the reader except for having them read the exam questions to them.

The exam has a math component and requires a strong mathematics background.

The exam is taking place at a professional testing center in Montreuil, France on 10 March Protected content 8:30 am to 2:30 pm. We provide full training and this assignment will pay $20/hr.

If anyone here might be interested in this opportunity, I would love to speak with them. If you happen to know any one who might be interested, feel free to give them my information.

Liane Golightly
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