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Soon to be Expat from Argentina! (Paris)

From Living in Villa de Tulumba, Cordoba, Argentina and from cultivating Cactus Pear Fruit, and then processing it into Wine and Vodka

Bob Frassinetti, Entrepreneur in the World of art, art collecting and international antiques dealer as well as freelance journalist from Argentina, Buenos Aires, working on the web, writing both for pleasure and work on art, antiques and collectibles, in and on Buenos Aires, Argentina as well are neighbouring countries, Chile and Uruguay. "I've written for several Travel Adventure, Art & Antiques Magazines on and off the web and have researched Toys made here in Argentina, as well as Travel Adventure from Route 40 and Lighthouse Adventures along the Atlantic and Pacific coast, following like always the Dakar Rally!

You can join me anytime as we are “Building a Gallery Museum in the Province of Cordoba” Real Estate Investment in Art Bricks and Land, we are and have purchased Land for cultivating Cactus Pear Fruit, and then processing it into wine and Vodka, we are Building a Gallery Museum to Exhibit local Art and Artist as well as our exclusivity Art and Toy Museum Collection ........ I have been Travelling for Art and Antiques" in all South America since my early Years and I have been on line since Protected content .

Exporting Art and Antiques World Wide
Living with art and antiques and travelling the south of South America. Argentina, Chile and Uruguay
Expert on San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina as well as other Arts and Antiques Neighbourhoods in Chile and Uruguay.
Import Exporting everything from Arts to Antiques from Steam Engines to Vintage Cars, …………..

And now soul searching in Paris, France ( soon to be ) as a Expat from Argentina, testing my knowledge and expertise so as to serve fellow travellers thinking of moving south, to the South of South America.

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