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" Speak like you Eat " (Paris)

“Speak like you Eat"...” ( PARLA COME MANGI )

It 'a way to say of the Italian language and means: “speak in a simple way ... without too many difficult words ...
Well I wanted to use this way of saying to create a group of italian language, culture and cuisine in Rome, Paris, Barcelona ... 3 cities in one way or another that are part of my life ...

Rome: the city where I have been living and working for more 'than 10 years ...
Paris: the city where I live for long periods....
Barcelona: the city where my heart brings me ....

We are meeting in places typical Italian in Rome, Paris and Barcelona where you can eat real Italian food ... not only made ​​of Pasta and Pizza .... But much more!!! The student can eat and taste the flavors of Italy, learning the Italian language ...

We create three groups:


Each group is associated with a menu 'of Italian cuisine and each dish is associated with an argument of the Italian language ... The funny thing is that we also explain the recipe of what we are eating.So bring your pen and paper to write all the recipes and .the. grammar rules and then ... Buon Appetito.( Enjoy your meal )

Example of a Menu & Grammar ...
Spaghetti with tomato sauce -- Protected content The definite and indefinite articles with basic vocabulary
Baked Chicken with Potatoes ----- Protected content the verb “ essere “ / to be “ and “ avere / to have “
Tiramisu Cake ':--- Protected content Introducing yourself

the palce where we meet in Paris is :
Rue Saint Martin, 88
Protected content
M. Chatelet/ Hotel de Ville...

For more info about our calendar please contact me at Protected content

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