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Testimonies from repatriates (Paris)

“We have repatriated 3 times from large multinational companies in the Engineering & Construction sectors. None have offered any kind of support. How do we handle it? Frankly, with difficulty. It is far harder than culture shock when expatriating.”

“When you are an expat and come home for a few weeks, everybody wants to see you and you become really busy, with hardly time for yourself.
When you are finally back, suddenly, all those feel that they don't need to rush to see you and you may find yourself pretty much alone during some time, this can be hard, specially for a non working spouse, who normally is after returning from a long expatriation.

“The longer the contract is the harder it is to come back. Consequently what happens is that many expats can't find their place in their "home country" and look for another jobs abroad.”

We purpose a training to assist repatriates in France

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