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The Paris Attacks – what should I do now?


Last week, only a few days after the terror attacks, I decided NOT to cancel my coaching workshop that would take place on November 17th in Paris. Of course, the focus of the evening shifted.

See this article below and link to the video to see what steps you can take to move forward. If I can help in anyway, get in contact.

What can we do to improve our own Inner State after Terrorist attacks?

We’re all feeling shocked and sorrowful after the attacks in Paris last week, that in turn, have also highlighted what it’s like to live in conflict which is sadly happening around the world.

These types of events can leave us feeling pretty powerless as they are outside of our control...we don’t when, how and where they could happen again.

So, how are you feeling?

I did a talk for women for Paris For Her last Tuesday night and it was agreed that everyone felt scared, angry, fearful but everyone wanted to move forward positively with non-judgement, love and heart-centredness.

But how to go from all this pain to love...?

Take a look at this video where I will be sharing some of the insights from my talk to create a little more love and a little more peace.

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We have the power to start with ourselves and we can create that change we want to see in the world by starting with ourselves, accessing our unique Inner State.

Remember, the # 1 regret that people have when they are dying is “Not having the courage to live their lives true to themselves, instead of what others expect of them.”

The Inner State

We have declared 8 New Human Rights. To awaken an inner dynamic in people’s hearts, as they realize their “raison d’être”. To give them the practical means to live out of their unique talent. To access The Inner State on a sustainable basis and reach a new standard of quality of life: a life without regrets

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