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Please discover my organisation/ association.

The main objective of my association is to share love in the form of music, art and culture. We are beautiful with our differences. Let us Unite and let us Celebrate together.

Inspired by the basic Vedic Indian philosophy which directs us that, This Planet is my Home. We should accept everything beautiful and everyone from the planet which brings idea of Together we Celebrate.
Association is based on the same basic philosophy of accepting, supporting and celebrating everything on this planet. Right from Culture, Music and Art. A sincere effort to unite and celebrate as much we can.

Without cultural base human can not survive on this planet. Association wants to bring a special awareness to preserve Rich Traditional Cultures around the Globe.

Association wants to bring awareness in Europe for every individual of body conciseness through Indian Traditional Life tools like, Music, Yoga, Relaxations, Meditations which are scientifically designed for everyone on this planet.

Association wants to discover other cultrues, music and art forms to collaborate and to celebrate traditional art, music and culture by organising Concerts, Expositions, Festivals In Europe.

Association has created Namaste Globe campaign A Humanitarian projects mostly focused on Food, Education and Home for under privilaged Individual or society on this planet.

Association has designed several projects by which Social balance, Unity, Celebrations will happen naturally. People around the Globe are interested in this concept of Together we Celebrate.

Association offres basic services in Paris of:
Indian Music lessons
Nada Yoga

People from all the cultures are welcome for Discussion, Participation, Collaboration.

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Thank you so much for the support.

Pandit Shivkumar.

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