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University Dissertation help! (Paris)

Hi guys,

I'm a student at the university of Edinburgh and I'm planning on doing my dissertation on the afterlife of terrorism in Paris and how this has affected peoples everyday lives. I'm planning to focus my study primarily on the Stade de France and the surrounding area, as well as looking briefly at the centre of Paris.

I'm looking at measures that have been taken since the attacks that will influence Parisian and expats' lives. These could be material alterations to the landscape such as CCTV, walled areas, armed police/soldiers, or psychological factors such as the fear that is created as a result of states of emergency etc. and how these factors could make it harder for you to conduct your normal lives. Do you feel uneasy now where you live? Are certain people or bodies marked out or excluded as a result?

Any ideas on how your experience of the urban landscape has changed physically or psychologically since the attacks, and the effect this has had on your everyday lives would be incredibly helpful.

And if anyone is willing to give me an interview when I get out there this summer I would be even more grateful! Alcohol or food of choice will be offered in return!

Many thanks,


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