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US to European power converter - 500W (Paris)

I use this to use my US small appliances in Europe (ice cream maker, blender, etc.). It works with most small appliances and they run perfectly well. If you have US appliances or want to pick up stuff on the cheap when you go home for a visit and use them here, it's super handy.

Very important: This is 500W max, which means that you can only use it on appliances that use less than Protected content . (Or a combination of appliances that add up to Protected content So it will cover most small things, blenders, ice cream makers, juicers, but might not cover microwaves or other high voltage stuff. You need to check the wattage before you plug it in and not use two things at the same time if they add up to over Protected content . As long as you do that, you're golden.

This has come in super handy for me. Available for pick-up in Paris in the second anytime.

Cost: 30 euros

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