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Village Russe has an amazing restaurant (Paris)

Hello everybody and Marry Christmas! I hope celebrations is going well and everybody is fine. So, I finally can to tell you about Russian restaurant I went in Paris (which I was looking for befoe). Restaurant is called "Les Nuits Blanches" and is a part of Villager Russe, which is all together, restaurant, cabaret, bar and russian sauna (is coming). Firstly, I should say, that I never met in Europe Russian restaurant of such quality. Usualy there are places with folk decorations and food only called Russian. To be honest, it is hard to find in S.-Petersburg good quality of Russain traditional cuisine as well. Such level of Russian restaurant I met only once in Manhatten. So, great food of tsar traditions (this is what very seldom), design of S.-Petersburg the end of 19 century and good service (which is rear in Paris, sorry). I was there with my French friends and we also watched cabaret show. Amazingly beutiful girls, talanted and very attractive show. For me, as for Russian not that surprisingly maybe, but my French friends loved it that much, that I know they are going together with others friends there. As Restaurant is just opened they still have reservations for New Year (it is more celebrated in Russia, than in Europe) and for Orthodox Christmas, which could be very interesting for Europeans. We got reservation for Russan Christmas. I can say, that I do recommend it. It is easy now to find them Internet. Check it :)

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