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Visit to Paris - help to make it or break it

Dear All,
I am based in Copenhagen and my family has visited me this summer. I have already taken them around in CPH. Now is the time to explore outside Denmark too.
My best bet is Switzerland and Paris. Now some practical information:
We will be 4 adults Protected content (3yrs).
My parents don't prefer too much of walk. We would prefer to start our trip in a week or so and will have a week in hand.

And now i need your suggestions:
how should we commute from CPH to Paris (flight, train, bus)?
and what should be best way to explore these cities?
also where can we stay at an affordable price? does anyone has an apartment or house to rent for couple of days. We would like to be centre so travelling becomes easier.

any suggestions/comments are welcome. Thanks in advance.
please share as much details as possible I can then take a quick decision.

Best Wishes,

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