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Exclusive and fun French wine tasting in Georgetow (Penang)

Dear fellow expat and wine enthusiast,

We are the Grapevine, a newborn group based in Penang and willing to push the local wine scene to new boundaries!

We are super excited to invite you to participate to our first exclusive wine tasting.

The session will be focused on the French southern region of Languedoc-Roussillon, which spreads along the Mediterranean coast all the way to the Spanish border. An unfairly unknown wine heaven!

We will explore together its specific grape varieties, by sipping on the creative vintages mastered by the many small wineries thriving in this region. Be ready for some taste bombs and a whole new perspective on French wine! We are here to crush preconceptions and expend your horizon to the most exciting small wineries, which unfortunately are under represented (if at all) in our local wine shops and bars.

We will walk you through a detailed degustation of at least 6 wines, telling you all about their characters and identities, helping you enjoy them to their full potential.

You might also be able to take home some exclusive wines at a very competitive price.

Expect a casual and chilled atmosphere, some good tunes, some nibbles, and most importantly good company ☺

If you are not too confident with your tasting skills, do not worry. This session is designed specifically for those who wish to learn the basics of wine tasting :)

The event will take place on the 11th of November at 7.30pm at a venue located in Georgetown (revealed upon booking).
Call or text Protected content book and for more details.

Admission fee is RM200 per pax. Contact us for groups of 2 or more.

We look forward to sharing the divine nectars with you!

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