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Hi! and looking for Events (Penang)

Hi, Everyone!

This probably isn't the right place for this, so my apologies in advance to the Moderator who has to move it.

My company sends me out to Penang about once a year for a month or two at a time. It is looking like this year it will be in late July or August. My first time out, there wasn't a Penang category and it was hard for a shy girl to figure out where to go and what to do -- I would only hear about the festivals or markets until after they were done.

So what should I be sure to see or do besides the Batik store, Butterfly farm and Queensbay mall? I heard something about a night market, and I will be looking up events on the Town Talk page.

Any other suggestions?

I am also a knitter, and was thinking it might be nice on the weekend to visit a hotel (other than the one I am staying in) to sit and knit and sip on iced coffee or tea. Any other suggestions on places where it is comfortable to sit for a few hours (this pale skin and blonde hair can't take too much sun) and either people watch or admire a view?

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