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Moving to Penang August 15

Hello All. We are moving to Penang from Colorado this summer. I was wondering if other fellow Americans were bringing their electric appliances and using it with a transformer? I mean the small appliances - Vitamix blender, Dualit toaster, Nespresso machine etc.

We are thinking of shipping our King and Queen bed and the memory mattress - am I being crazy? Would it be cheaper to buy in Malaysia?

What about in-home gym equipment like bench press and free weights, etc.?

Our kids are going to Uplands, does anyone know about any apartment buildings within walking distance of the school?

Is there a decent size French speaking community there? My family and I are all French speakers and would like to continue practising the language from socializing.

What is the fitness scene like in Penang? I know yoga is quite commonly available, any one knows of a good Pilates studio?

Sorry for so many questions. We are in the process of selling our house in Colorado.

Thank you. Kelly Chaplow

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