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Travelling from my 'base' in Penang

Hi all,
My wife and I arrive mid May for 5 months (to start with) in Penang. We intend to grab an apartment at longer term rental rates. Our idea is to have a few weeks in Penang then travel for a week or two to various Asian locations before coming back home to Penang.
As I look at tours etc from here (Aus) all the tours are in AUD and at Australian rates. For example I just saw a great 15 day tour of the Golden Triangle of India (New Delhi-Agra-Jaipiur) for $1900AUD including airfares. But they won't quote 'land only' (coming from Penang we don't want their airfares) insisting we can only travel from Australia.
Are there any reputable travel agents/sites that anyone can recommend for us to look at?
Cheers all.

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