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Trouble with drivers license (Penang)

Hi everyone. I would appreciate any help/feedback/advice on this topic. I am a Malaysian citizen but don't have a Malaysian drivers license. I got my P license before I moved to the States but never converted it to a regular one.

I just moved back to Penang with my husband (American citizen) and am trying to convert my Oregon drivers license to a Malaysian one. The first document that they need is an affidavit or verification from the US embassy or authority who issued the license.

The US embassy can't help me because I'm not a US citizen..just a permanent resident. I am highly doubtful that the Oregon DMV can help me with this as well.

In looking into this at JPJ, it sounds like the only option is for me to retake my driving test, etc. This means about 6 hours of driving lessons just to re-learn how to take the test. About $600.

Is there any other organization that I can reach out to (that would be approved by JPJ) that can help me with this verification?

Is there anything else I should be aware of? Thanks so much in advance!

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