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Working while applying for PR? (Penang)

Hello everyone! My husband (American) and I (Malaysian) just moved to Penang after I lived in the States for 15 years.

I submitted an application through the Returning Experts Programme by TalentCorp but was rejected because my income wasn't high enough. However, they offered to "Fast Track" my husband and kids' PR - they will issue a recommendation letter. Was informed that we don't have to wait Protected content we can apply right away.

We just arrived last month so he is on the 3 month tourist visa. We're going to get the ball rolling on the PR application. We were told that we can keep renewing his tourist visa till his PR is approved?

He does have a job offer, but not sure when he can start working. I know that typically, he would need to apply for the Long Term Social Visit Pass but since he's applying for PR right away, will he be able to start working while waiting for PR to be approved?

Thanks so much in advance!!! I look forward to getting to know you all!

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