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1 Small Room 4Me - Deal? (Perth)


G'Day Fellow-Internationers :-),

My name is Matt, 27 y/o, Australian Permanent Resident:

Currently I'm seeking alternative possibilities to find a nice, small room in Perth.
It could be:
* Housesitting short- / long-term
* Taking care of older people / or helping for a room
* Helping you in your garden, kitchen etc.
* Helping you to renovate your house
* Couchsurfing
* Anything else, I'm happy to live with happy & friendly people who are open to anything that is new / different

If you know ANY1 who may be suitable for such a win-win-situation living condition short- / or long-term p l e a s e feel free to chat to me, I'd appreciate this a lot.

Thanks a lot and cheerios from Up-Above, the Northern-Hemisphere ;),

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