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183 day rule and the tax year (Perth)

Hi all,

Currently I am doing some research about being employed in Australia and I’ve come across the Protected content rule. Although I am familiar with the workings of this rule and that it calculates the number of days that someone was present in Australia in that tax year (30th of June to 1st of July) I can’t find an answer to the following question.

Let’s say you have spent & worked an aggregated Protected content in Australia up to 30th of June Protected content year Protected content . You keep on working another Protected content from the 1st of July Protected content year Protected content .

Does this mean that at the start of the new tax year, the 1st of July Protected content be seen as day 1 and you have Protected content left in that ‘second’ tax year? Or will the day counter keep going and will the ATO look at you as having worked Protected content . Where is the reset point?

Your reply would be highly appreciated

Kind regards,

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