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Buying a car in a new country! (Perth)

When I first moved to Perth in Protected content was amazed at the transport system. Coming from a small county village in County Laois with only one bus into the nearest town once a day I was amazed and excited to train to work each day. However, this all changed when the Perth winter kicked in and it was dark before I got home and I was often soaked through after being caught in torrential rain.

I soon realised I needed to invest in a car.... this was something I never had to do before in my 24 years as I always had a friend or family member to help or buy for me. Now alone, in a new country I was scared and didn't know where to go or what to look for.

My experience was not the best and was ripped off and treated pretty poorly as I only had a small budget. Years later I now work for one of the biggest automotive groups in WA and continue to hear similar stories from other people who have moved to Perth.

I felt something needed to be done and people needed help with such a big decision and financial investment in a new Country. I discussed the problem and gap in the Industry with my colleagues and we have now created a referral program which I myself manage.

This referral program gives people the confidence to refer friends or family arriving in Perth to a car dealership where they can be looked after. Each referred customer is passed onto the most suitable salesperson to help them through the buying process. We have over Protected content with a wide range of nationalities and languages to help.

If you know of anyone who may need help buying a new or used car in Perth and would like to speak to someone who understands how hard it can be please contact me.

If you do refer a customer you will also be rewarded with a $150 prepaid debit card to say thank you.

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Terri Hackney, DVG Rewards Program Manager, WA.

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