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Forex Transfer Service (Perth)

Hi mates!

Does anyone need to transfer funds to/from AUD, GBP or any other major currencies? I am your guy.

I am a forex dealer with a small established finance company in Australia - Compass Markets. I can offer competitive forex rates compared to banks and other forex firms.

Feel free to PM me for more information. There is no restriction on your transaction.



Minimum Requirement:
- You have the said funds
- You have a bank account holding the said funds (Bank acc A in country A)
- You have a bank account waiting to receive the currency (Bank acc B in country B)

Competitive Reasons: the company does not have big overheads like big banks and we are not greedy.

Profit Mechanism: We get wholesale rate from banks, compare that to public rate and offer an exchange rate inbetween. At the very least covering our labor and expenses.

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