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Dear parents, if you need any help with your kids just sign up on The Parent Escape ( Protected content ) and create your own community, (e.g school, sport club, church or anything else that you or your kids attend)

By creating a detailed profile of your family you'll get to know more parents (from the school or from your area) and be able to send SOS whenever you need assistance with pick up, drop off or babysitting hours.

The idea behind The Parent Escape it is to connect all the parents from the same community, so here's what we offer: 10 points (up to 10 hours of babysitting) for you and every family you convince to register! As new families join, this network continues to grow, providing support and friendship beyond babysitting.

oh and by the way, it's FREE ;-)

If you have any question, you can message me or even better connect with me on the site as I'm always up to swap babysitting if we are nearby!

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