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Looking for stable grounds... (Perth)


Hi everyone,
Aftermath's- Sadly I have decided that is time to look out for different grounds to carry on with life due to Mother Nature's mood swings and shakes in Christchurch. My neurons decided that I had enough and the bravery and patience of watching the city crumble in order to raise is not what I can commit to anymore.

Bottom line is- I'm on the lookout for the best next move so I turned to the virtual world of friends to help me paint the real Perth picture. I am just starting this process so bear with my questions please. I consider flying over in the next months for a look around and vibe "testing" and perhaps explore the job market. This is were you could be helpful in influencing someone's life decision :) Hints will be much appreciated.

Good affordable accommodation, perhaps a contact person or a connection for a good job agency. What suburbs are most recommended and in general HOW IS LIFE LIVING IN PERTH ?:) - excuse my shouting but I need some enthusiasm here as my list of choices include also Auckland, Wellinghton, Brisbane.- Is reputation of "mining city" a myth or even a "artist soul" can be safely happy there?

Thank you in advance for your time if you do choose to replay.

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