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Perth - Visa options for Czech people


Hi everyone.

I do have a questions to everyone, who might have some more experience than us (which is about nothing as we just started the process of enquiring). It is mainly about the Protected content . However, if someone has a different suggestion, we are happy to consider them too.

So here the situation: It is about my Czech boyfriend. At the moment he is here on a student visa, which runs out in August. He wants to stay but Czechs do not get Working Holiday Visas and to study here for longer would be too much money. He is specialised in IT and he would like to get a job in and/or around Perth. But how can you find jobs that sponsor people with 457's the best? Does anybody have any connections that can be used to help him find a job?

To be 100% honest i am not really sure what exactly our questions are. i think we just want to try our luck and start somewhere. So if somebody has an idea or knows a way of getting the 457, it would be very appreciated, if you could let us know about his options.

Thank you,

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