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Perth Winters & Job situtation/scene

We are going to validate our Visas in June-August Protected content realise that its winter in Australia then -
We generally hate winters here in Kuwait where it gets very cold and drops to 0 degrees C or even -2 degrees celsius at night. Early mornings start at about Protected content celcius. How camparable is that to Perth?
The only reason we will be travelling then is cause our kids have holidays then.
Any advice?

I am an Architect with over 10 yrs exp in High end Interiors and Interior Finishing - these inlcude Hospitality/ Residential and Corporate Interiors . OH is Steel Fabrication Manager (over 18 yrs exp)with a degree in Engineering - any idea what the job scene is like for us in Perth?

We are still undecided as to where to move WA / NSW / VIC...any help?

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