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Where do all the 'internationals' live in Perth?


My family and I will be moving to Perth early next year (so just a few months left for us in Europe!)

We are currently looking online for schools and neighbourhoods for our 2 children (aged 5 and 2 by the time we move)

We are a VERY multinational family! So, we don't belong to a certain 'group' (ie POMS in Perth or Americans in Perth or Canadians in Perth, etc...) My husband is British who grew up outside of the UK, and I am a mix of 2 nationalities (to say the least!). We grew up as expats and attended international schools all our lives in different countries (UK, UAE, Canada, Spain...etc).

Our children are technically 2nd generation (possibly 3rd!) 'expats'. Our eldest currently attends an International School in the UK but he might not attend the international one in Perth...

In saying that, we are going to be in Perth for 4 years and would love to maintain our international environment there if possible. Where do all the expats live? What schools do they go to? Whilst I wouldn't mind my son attending the international school there, I would prefer he go to a public school but one that was 'international' if possible. Is there a club for internationals like us or are they all 'focused' on one nationality of expats?

Thanks so much!! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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