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Will local Post Graduate degree help to get a job? (Perth)

Hey Guys,

I was wondering to myself about this question and thought that i should ask for your opinions as well on my career aspect in WA.

I am a recent migrant coming from Bangladesh with a Permanent Visa. I have worked with an international company for last 6 years as Adviser in Human Resources and now i am looking for a job here in Perth.

For last 1 month, I have been applying for jobs and mostly received auto generated regret mails as an outcome of my applications.

I am not quite sure if i am writing my resume in a correct format or the local job market is looking for a local credentials. I hold a Post graduate diploma in HR from UK and a Bachelors degree in International Business from the Netherlands.

By receiving mostly regret mails from the job applications, I though that the WA employers must be looking for a local degree or something. Thats why i am also thinking of investing on a Post Graduate Degree from a local Uni instead of sitting idle in this nice and beautiful weather.

Please share your opinion on this one as it will greatly help me.


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