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Year 2014 Job Market Outlook (Perth)

Dear Members from Perth Forum,

First of all, let me thank you for the opportunity of introducing myself and the circumstances behind the creation of this thread.

My name is Gabriel and I am a 28 years-old Brazilian economist with a seven year long career as a financial analyst in Brazil.

I am married to a Thai citizen and we are a two-person family. We are preparing to move to Australia by mid- Protected content my wife is enrolled to a two year-long Masters Postgraduate program in Murdoch University.

As her husband, I will be arriving Australia as a dependent of a student visa holder enrolled in a Master degree education program, what will grant me unlimited working rights for the period of my wife’s studies.

Although being satisfied with my current job, I am keen on taking the challenge of giving my professional career a new chapter as I follow my wife in her aspirations to improve her skills. We are also very optimistic on the positive impact of the move to a place like Australia the refreshing international life experience that will come with it.

Having in mind the challenging business and economic environment we live nowadays, I am now looking for information on what is the outlook for job market there in Perth for the coming year.

I think that this will be key to better understand my employability prospects within Australian job market.

I am thus eagerly ready to discuss in private any job opportunity that you may know (or come to know of), either within the organization you are part of or your professional network.

Yours faithfully,

Gabriel L.
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Skype: dernautiker

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