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Neighborhoods in Perth

Moving to Perth is an increasingly popular choice for expats and migrants, due to Western Australia’s strong economy and local amenities. Are you about to move to Perth, too? Check out our guide to Perth, with a profile of the city, various neighborhoods, and info on housing and cost of living.
Fremantle, the historical port of Perth, features lots of heritage buildings from the town’s colonial past.

No matter where you come from, there is a distinct possibility you will meet other expats or immigrants with a similar background after moving to Perth.

Although the metropolitan region of Perth is but a tiny speck in vast Western Australia, it covers quite a bit of space. The metro area stretches 140 km in north-south direction, from Two Rocks to Mandurah, and about 50 km from the ocean to the Shire of Mundaring in the west. Where you are going to live depends first and foremost on your personal situation, especially your place of work and income. Nevertheless, we’d like to introduce you to a few neighborhoods and municipalities in metropolitan Perth.

Suburbs in Central Perth

The City of Perth itself is a “suburb” on the northern bank of the Swan River, in the heart of town. (No, that’s not a contradiction in terms. In Australian English, the word “suburb” refers to any district or neighborhood, no matter where it is located.) It is home to the central business district, the stock exchange, and a pedestrian shopping area. However, it is less suitable to look for residential housing here.

Younger expatriates, particularly singles or couples without children, may consider a move to Subiaco, Northbridge, or Fremantle. “Subi” is an inner western suburb of Perth, an older working-class district that has reinvented itself as buzzing, stylish, and cosmopolitan. Northbridge, too, is close to the city center and renowned for its nightlife. Traditionally the heart of Perth’s Italian, Greek, and Macedonian communities, it is nowadays known as ethnic and trendy.


Further down the Swan River, around the port, you will find Fremantle or “Freo”, as the locals call it.

Since it contains many historical buildings from the colonial area, it attracts its fair share of visitors exploring Fremantle’s tourist trails. Nonetheless, its arts community, live music scene, and alfresco dining culture is an added bonus for the residents.

If you settle in Fremantle, you’ll also benefit from its nature reserves and its transport connections, like the railway terminus for the entire Perth area. Expats from Italy, Ireland, New Zealand, Portugal, and the UK will run into quite a few compatriots here

Upper-Class and Middle-Class Residential Areas

If money is no issue, you should look into finding a new home in the inner suburbs of City Beach, Applecross, or Bicton. As the name implies, City Beach is a beautiful beachside district, one of the city’s most prestigious residential areas, with some ultra-modern and ultra-chic houses for the affluent.

Applecross and Bicton are both situated on the banks of the Swan River, and the available housing mainly caters to the well-to-do, especially in Applecross. In exchange for a generous sum, people have the opportunity to live in streets lined with jacaranda trees, in close proximity to multiple parks, the South of Perth Yacht Club, and several golf courses. 

Bicton is also an area for the upper-middle class to the upper-class residents of Western Australia. The neighborhood has a variety of house types; there are many clusters of both cottages and mansions. If you are, or are thinking of becoming, a parent, Applecross and Bicton are very suitable neighborhoods for well-to-do families.

Expats on a normal income are more likely to move to an area like Willetton, a broadly middle-class to upper-middle-class suburb in the City of Canning, about 15km south of the CBD. It has an ethnically mixed population with a large Asian community and offers a variety of accommodation. The latter makes neighborhoods like this one a good choice for expatriates with children.

The Outer Metropolitan Area

Further from central Perth, there are plenty of municipalities in the outer metropolitan region which could be attractive for new arrivals. For instance, the City of Swan, located about 20 km further up the Swan River Valley, includes over three dozen different suburbs. Its districts range from the exclusive neighborhood near the local five-star resort to settlements like Ellenbrook. This planned satellite city and self-sustaining community is a rapidly growing residential area that may soon become a regional center.

Joondalup is a prime example of an established regional city in the outer metro area. It has its own shopping district, schools, and hospital, and is linked with Perth via railway connections to the CBD. Its population has a disproportionate percentage of parents, older workers, and retirees — people who probably aren’t that interested in the nightlife and entertainment scene of the central areas anymore.

The eastern Shire of Kalamunda is more of a “dormitory suburb” than Joondalup. Plenty of people mostly live and in the semi-rural area full of orchards, vineyards, and fields of roses, and commute to work elsewhere. If you enjoy peaceful surroundings and natural beauty, places like Kalamunda are ideal.


We do our best to keep this article up to date. However, we cannot guarantee that the information provided is always current or complete. 

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