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Photo expeditions Philly area: are you interested? (Philadelphia)

I have moved to the Philadelphia area beginning December Protected content . I am an aspiring photographer and I am wondering if there are Internations members who would be interested in participating in photo expeditions in the greater Philadelphia area?

At this point I mostly need one or more persons who would want to show me around, since I basically know nothing about the area... The city, little hidden spots elsewhere, etc. When I am familiar with where to go, and more importantly: where NOT to go, I plan on organising photo expeditions. When I lived in Bermuda before, I did a similar thing and had a wonderful group of some 20 amateur photographers to go out with and compare notes with. We benefitted from each other's knowledge and ideas and sometimes we would also do sessions about photo-editing.

I was in Philly the other day and found that I did not feel entirely at ease there. This time my husband was with me, so not to worry, but I cannot do that to him the whole time: coming with me and standing still every 5 minutes to study a possible photo-shot... would not be good for the marriage ;-)

So, let me know if you feel like joining me and we can discuss the options via follow-up emails. Or over a coffee somewhere. I feel kind of lonely in Pennsylvania right now, as I have no friends here (yet)... :(

Best wishes for the new year and hope to hear from you one of these days!


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