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[request] Internship Communication Multimedia (Philadelphia)

Hello all,

My name is Charles Kengen and I am a student from The Netherlands. Currently I am doing an undergraduate program which is called Communication and Multimedia Design (more information here: Protected content ).

The past nine months I have been studying abroad in Springfield Missouri (at Missouri State University). I loved studying abroad so much that I want to continue my studies abroad. That is why I am looking to complete my study in the United States. To complete my study I need to do an internship of one semester

In order to successfully complete my internship I need to solve an elaborate communication for an organisation.
At first I had in mind to help out local charities. Subject would be, helping them to get their message to reach (potential) donors. the search is still going on tho and I would like to spread my chances to find an internship.
You could help me tremendously if you know a company (be it profit or non-profit) who needs my help in setting up a good communication plan or needs help in having a communication issue solved.

Through my education I had plenty of experience with marketing and making a commercial campaign. If there is a level of execution, I should be able to do work on that too. I have experience in website building, graphic design, user interface design and film making.

Thank you for reading,

TLDR: Looking for a Communication and Multimedia design Internship so I can solve an elaborate communication problem for your company.

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