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Considering a move. (Phnom Penh)


I am considering taking a multi-year assignment that would be based in Phnom Penh. I would be moving with my wife, who is very excited about the possibility.

I have been searching the internet for advise and to be honest it is all over the map. I'd really like to hear some non-biased, unfiltered opinions from expats living in the area for more than a few weeks or months.

What to expect? Where to live? (Housing allowance with the job) How are foreigners received? (Particularly Americans) Car or no car? Travel around the area?

Basically..... What's the down and dirty of what to expect in a major move like this? I'd be working for a major NGO in conjunction with the local government and hospitals in the region.

Just returned home from doing humanitarian work in the Philippines so I'm not completely clueless as to the general area and environment.

Thanks in advance.

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