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Dashing young couple looking for work in PP (Phnom Penh)


"Dashing" and "young" (earliest of thirties) may be a little misleading, but the rest is completely true.

We're based in London, but I am currently in Phnom Penh doing research and will stay here until the end of next week.

Her: French-Canadian. Background in international business management, worked a number of years for DFAIT (foreign ministry), currently in int'l business consulting. Surprisingly multilingual, English, French, Lao and Thai.

Me: Norwegian. Clinical psychologist (treatment, health policy,etc), BA in political science, M.Sc. in international relations from LSE. Currently writing dissertation on US foreign policy and Cambodia.

If any of you find this interesting or know of someone who might, please let me know.

...or if there is a more dignified way of going about this than the shameless self-promotion you've just read, that would be good to.

Do any of you have any tips on how to go about this?

Thanks for reading.

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