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Dengue Fever and expat kid (Phnom Penh)


I'm planning on moving with my wife and son (toddler 3 y/o) to Phnom Penh. Probably October. We are coming from New York City.

We have read a lot about Cambodia and especially Phnom Penh and It doesn't seem scary. We have a pretty good idea about what to expect and do once we get there, from housing, health insurance, visas, etc. and we are pretty good adapting to new places, cultures, hot weather, etc.

One of the few things that keep me awake at night is Dengue Fever. I have heard that it is like a terrible flu and you just have to go through those horrible weeks as hydrated as possible, but eventually it will resolve. I'm not very worried about us the adults but we are worried about our son. I have read that it is very dangerous for kids that age.

My questions:

How often do you hear about cases of Dengue Fever in kids that part of the expat community?

I know you may not be able to give me the probabilities of my son getting the fever in numbers, but what do you think in your experience?

Is it really enough to follow the recommendations about mosquito nets at home and covering my son in mosquito repellent every morning before going out to avoid the disease?

Do you have kids? If so, how do you deal with this risk?

For some reason I'm not that worried about Malaria, any comments about this one?

In general, how worried should I be about my son's health in Phnom Penh?

I'm happy to find this forum.

Thanks a lot

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