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I wanna share abt a ride hailing app in Phnom Penh


I recently downloaded a ride hailing app, the first in Cambodia ahead of Uber and Grab which are not yet in the Kingdom. I moved to the Kingdom 3 months ago for work and if anyone of you are in the same situation as me, you will understand the frustration of calling a cab company and explaining where you want to go. The names of the places written down and the way you pronounce it is totally different here.

Furthermore, the house number and roads are confusing. Sometimes on the same road you will find Protected content with the same house number! I have always dreaded using ride hailing apps because from where I come from in Malaysia, freelance drivers who are not taxi drivers are often harassed by taxi drivers to the extent drivers and passengers are dragged out of the vehicle and beaten and the vehicles destroyed. Other times they are threatened when picking up passengers.

So one fine day I decided to try this service out. I downloaded it from Google Play for my Xiaomi Note 3 android phone and from the appstore for my iPhone 5s (just to be sure either one works!). From that day I used the app 4 times both to and from the airport. From my apartment near the Russian Market to the airport only costs me $7.50 one way. Rides start at $1 for a standard taxi. I've had Highlanders, Camrys and even RAV4s come pick me up.

Uber and Grab is not yet in the Kingdom and may not have plans to come here for a while (according to the article I shared), so the closest thing you can get to an Uber or Grab style experience is Exnet Taxi Cambodia.

Here's the article in Phnom Penh Post about the app if you missed it:
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