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Need to know everything about life in Cambodia! (Phnom Penh)

Hello everyone :)
Basically my boyfriend has been offered a very good job somewhere in Cambodia (we have just been offered the position so haven't found out exactly where yet) but before we even consider it we want to know a few things...
Is there a very high crime rate over there?
Is it true there are gated communities to live in and if so do a lot of expats live there?
Is it suitable for dogs? i.e. the weather etc. I have a small dog and wouldn't like to leave her here without me.
Are there a lot of expats in most places? We would really love to become really sociable and go out a lot and make friends with as many people as possible really.

Thanks for any help people. This is a really big deal for us...I am only 21, my boyfriend is 23 and we have been together for 5 years. He has just finished his masters degree and this will be his first proper job. I just don't know if it will suit our lifestyle and if it will be safe for us. (I am a bit of a wimp and don't feel safe in most places even in England!) I would like to be able to take the dog out, go for a drink and feel safe on my own.
Thank you everyone x

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