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November Midweek Art Workshops (Phnom Penh)

Phnom Penh Community College

Once again art fans of Phnom Penh, we have a real treat for you, especially those of you that have regular commitments on the weekend. We are now offering a series of 4 x 2 hour Wednesday evening workshops in November, by the ever popular Dina Chhan covering a variety of topics.

Session Protected content
In this workshop, participants will be taught the difference between direct and indirect (reverse) methods of creating mosaic art. You will then create your own unique picture small pieces of coloured and patterned paper to replicate a mosaic image.

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Participants will recycle a wide variety of materials into expressive, textured works of art. This workshop combines instruction in visual design principles with hands-on exploration of traditional and non-traditional art media. Participants will be encouraged to bring some household discards (for example: paper and fabric scraps, packing material, bottle caps) that catch their eye to experiment with, although some materials will also be provided.

Session Protected content Acrylic Painting
This workshop introduces a new style of painting in the art world. Participants will explore the use of mixed media textures to create three-dimensional shapes and forms over which acrylic paint can be applied. Paint your pictures while learning acrylic painting techniques and 3D realism.

Session Protected content Life Oil Pastel Drawing
Brilliant greens, blues, yellows and reds--oil pastels have a wide range of beautiful colors to work with. Compared with traditional pastels, which are harder and have a chalk-like consistency, oil pastels are soft, oily and are a more "painterly" medium. Instead of mixing colors, as you would with oil paints to get a specific color, in this workshop you will learn to overlay and interlace pastel colors to achieve the color you want. You will become acquainted with the basic oil pastel techniques and learn to work with vibrant colors, as well as subdued and softly blended color passages of light and shadow.

Phnom Penh Community College is located in the heart of BKK1 at The Capacity Specialists Training Centre (Cnr Streets 63 & 294, entrance on Street Protected content .

The workshops will be held on Wednesday 6 November (Mosaic), Wednesday 13 November (Collage), Wednesday 20 November (3D Acrylic Painting), Wednesday 27 November (Still Life Oil Pastel Drawing), 6.30-8.30pm

The cost of the workshops are US$100 including materials. (50% paid on registration, 50% paid on the day of the first workshop)

For more information about this workshop and future workshops, please visit and like our Facebook page - Protected content or email us at Protected content

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