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Training opportunity:Communication&Conflict (Phnom Penh)

In times of stress we often say things that sabotage getting what we want. We criticise or blame instead of making a request.
Shining the light of our consciousness on the thoughts and
feelings that precede our words, reveals choices that are more likely to meet our needs. We can also choose to hear ourselves
and others in ways that foster connection, rather than separation.
Join us if you wish to :
~ Develop a deeper connection with yourself and others
~ Raise consciousness around your thoughts and the words you choose to express yourself — and the choices you have in hearing others.
~ Create and maintain balance and harmony, whatever the circumstances.
NVC enhances awareness, offering practical and easy to learn tools for conscious ~ and effective ~ communication.
Saturday & Sunday Protected content 2019
9:00am to 4:30pm
Write at Protected content if wish more info.

The trainer Dorset Campbell Ross has 20 years experience in teaching communication skills internationally. Creating a safe and supportive environment, he uses visual aids, role-play and experiential small group work to enable easy learning.

Visit Protected content or discover more about Marshall Rosenberg’s book ‘NVC A Language of Life’ from Protected content

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