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Just heard about Jo Smith from Exeter, UK (Phoenix)


My girlfriend just forwarded this link Protected content

A story about a terminally ill, determined woman, wife and mother of a 5 year old, who is making a last ditch effort to hold on to life by travelling (by sea and land since flying is no longer an option) to Scottsdale for treatment with a Dr Thomas Incledon. I have just called this doctors office and was able to confirm that what is posted on the web site is true.

Anyway, one of the threads said she and her husband are looking for 'some help' with accommodation whilst she is here for treatment, presumably as close to the clinic as possible (Human Health Specialists, is on E Indian Bend Rd, Scottsdale). I don't know the details (although I read she plans to leave the UK on 5 Nov) but since I am not in a position to offer her any accommodation, nor do I live in Scottsdale, I thought I would forward this in case anyone else is able to offer some assistance.
If you are interested, please read her story and make contact through the web site and not through me since I don't know her and vice versa.



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