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Australian, 48, Looking for work permit (Phuket)


Australian, native English speaker. Private school educated. Unfortunately did not complete my Bachelor's Degree in Geology, decided instead to get married and work for the Australian Government for the next 24 years. Which included qualifications as a Trainer and employment as a Trainer of class sizes up to 40 students. Loved teaching. Do not have TESOL/TEFL but willing to do online course if employment possible without the Bachelor Degree constraint. Both parents were professors :P
Looking to work for any recognised Thailand institution that can enable me to get a work permit. Does not necessarily need to be teaching-related. Available for part-time (preferred) or full-time work, for reasonable remuneration. I am willing to accept positions paying in the 30, Protected content vicinity. Have performed leadership roles in Government and hospitality, and roles that required limited supervision. However, my gregarious and affable nature lends itself to a preference for working in a team environment,
Currently divorced, pensioned and wanting to remain living in Thailand, for which, due to changes in visa requirements, there is a need to have a current work permit.
My current Non-Immigrant 'B' visa technically expires on 30 Aug Protected content , although a final trip to an external country will effectively extend this for a further 90 days. I am therefore hoping to secure employment and said working permit, hopefully, prior to 30 Aug Protected content my own peace of mind.
Failing to secure employment may mean I would have to accept one of the many marriage proposals I have already received from some of the lovely local Thai ladies and continue under an 'O' until I turn Protected content 48 years old, turning 50 in March Protected content spending some time in Vietnam until then.

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