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LFW Teaching English (Phuket)


Hello everyone,

I'm technically retired with a pension and don't really neeeeeed the money, but I'd certainly consider teaching English in one of the language schools around Phuket Town for maybe 3 days per week, just to do something with some of my spare time :)

Has anyone got some info in how to get such employment? What kind of remuneration one receives? etc...

I did very well in English during my Private School education, that my parents forked out ridiculous sums for, and it would be a shame to waste my knowledge. I'm a qualified Trainer (both parents were professors by the way). I spent several years teaching others Taxation law in Australia, and loved it. I'm male, 47, living in Samkong Park housing estate, Ratsada district (5 mins north of Phuket town).

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